The Owners


Dru and Wnedy Bridges, Owner's

Hi, we are the owners, Dru and Wendy Bridges.   Over the years we have acquired a variety of properties around Brevard, sinking our hearts, souls and all available resources into their renovation. Dru and I don’t shy away from work but we also love making cross-country road trips pulling our 1959 Yellowstone camper.

About us:

Dru is a Brevard native and I am a Navy brat. Brevard has always been a part of my life since it was my mother’s hometown. Dru and I both developed a HUGE appreciation of this area during our years in college. We both graduated from our respective colleges with the certainty we wanted to live in Brevard.

Dru can do about anything- he is the guy you want on your team when you have a problem. A real-life MacGyver of home improvements. I’m the one that attempts to keep track of it all so projects have a completion point.

Dru and I feel abundantly fortunate to have various properties throughout beautiful Transylvania County and we are happy to share a taste of this place we are privileged to call home. Come take a look, we think you’ll find a lot to like.